17 Reflections on 2017

The year 2017 is ending in 10 days. The following are some lessons learned as I recall and reflect upon my feelings and experiences over the year.

1. Be decisive. Indecisiveness leads to confusion, and nothing is as exhausting as indecision.

2. Be selective. By saying yes to everyone and everything in demand, you relinquish your right to choose. In fact, your life is your choice.

3. Be present. Living in the present is the best present you can give to yourself. Leave the past behind. Learn the lessons and move forward. Let the future unfold what it holds. Holding on to worries makes you weary.

4. Be disciplined. At the end of the day, you will be thankful to yourself for sticking to your disciplines. It is discipline, not desire, that determines your destiny.

5. Be flexible. Life may not remain the same. Be willing to change. “Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape.”

6. Make peace with the things you have no clues. You will make sense of them as time goes by. “When we don’t accept uncertainty, it becomes FEAR. When we accept it, it becomes ADVENTURE.”

7. Embrace the truth with all your heart no matter how hard it is. Face that bloody truth, if you must, and heal eventually.

8. “See beyond what you see. Listen between words. Think between thoughts. Read between lines.”

9. Turn your knowledge into action. Bridge the knowing-doing gap to make the most out of your life.

10. Keep your eyes on the outcome, not the obstacle. Focus on the process; let the result take care of itself.

11. There are times you feel the pain when you are transforming. Remember what it takes for a caterpillar to transform into a beautiful butterfly.

12. You must learn how to best carry your load in life. It is not how big your load is, but how you carry it. Learn to work smart.

13. One aspect of being clever is being able to figure out how stupid you have been and learn to laugh at yourself, lovingly.

14. The words you use and the thoughts you think construct your life. Be wise enough to decorate your life with positive words and constructive thoughts.

15. Don’t sit and wait. Go out there and grab what you want. Opportunities are to be made. See it. Believe it. Act on it. You will definitely achieve it.

16. Do what you love or love what you do. Or else it’s hard to make breakthroughs in the work that you do.

17. Life itself is a constant teacher. Be a teachable learner on your journey of learning, unlearning and relearning.

My dear YOU, I thank you for your part on my journey.


21st December, 2017
2:53 am


Picture: Wendy’s first Bungee Jump in Queenstown, New Zealand


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