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IELTS overall score 8 achiever, Amanda @ Eaint Myat Chal, has shared some IELTS tips as follows:


Since enough time will be given to read the questions, I found it helpful to read ahead and try to guess the answers or more or less the format. It’s good to get used to different accents and it’s equally important to work on your short-term memory.


It’s very important to read the questions before anything else. The IELTS Indicator allows test takers to highlight texts. With certain questions regarding names or dates, highlighting such words made it easier to locate things and check my answers. The extra tips and exercises given by the teachers were especially useful.


The writing tasks, in particular, always have room for improvement. While reading sample answers played a vital role, writing my own thoughts down seemed to work better for me as I could receive detailed feedback. Although the actual test is to be typed, it’s better to practice writing it by hand as it could help with time management. There are several types of diagrams as well as essay types, but with the extra individual coaching sessions I took, I was able to develop a better understanding.


It was, without a doubt, awkward to talk about unfamiliar topics. However, thinking of it as having a simple conversation rather than sitting for a test seemed to ease my mind. Particularly in part 2, where you would have to talk alone for two minutes, it’s easy to get anxious and be repetitive with your information. Within the one-minute period to prepare, it’s good to think of several ideas to elaborate on. As continuously mentioned by a teacher, I think it helped to use one or two expressions in part 3. The examiner, in my case, was not at all intimidating. As long as you’re enthusiastic, all 14 minutes will be a breeze.

IELTS Indicator

Coming from someone who had to reschedule the test, it’s very important to make sure that your device meets all the requirements. While the information will be included in an email, it’s advised to check their website. If anything were to go wrong, you should immediately contact ielts.indicator@britishcouncil.org.

Our big congratulations to Amanda on achieving a very good score of 8.0 on her first try and getting accepted into the University of Melbourne, Australia! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours! And we are grateful for having a chance to be part of your IELTS journey.

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