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We would like to introduce you to one of our Outstanding BlueSkyians – Shin Lin Latt (IELTS band score 7.5 achiever, with individual scores being 7 and above).

Shin has graduated from high school in 2018. After passing her matriculation exam, she decided to study IGCSE A-level in the UK and prepared for it. She got a 40% scholarship for her A-level course. After one and a half years, she now has completed her A-level with 3A* A. As her dream is to become a doctor, she is planning to study medicine and applying to medical schools in the UK.

The following are some IELTS tips shared by Shin.


At first, I struggled a lot as I was weak at English. I was not confident that I would get an individual band 7 with just 3-week practice, having joined an IELTS intensive preparation (online class) organized by Blue Sky International. The main key that improves my English skills is exposure. English is a language, not a subject. So, try not to study it. Learning English should be a natural process.

General Tip: Practise! Practise! Practise! I took as many mock IELTS tests as I could. The more I practiced, the higher score I got. In the first mock, I only got around band 6 for both reading and listening.

Reading Tips:

I would like to suggest reading something written in English every day. It can be anything such as a magazine, novel, comics, or article so that you will get used to reading in English. It will also improve your writing skill.

For the IELTS reading, don’t read the whole passage in the first place. Read questions first and find the paragraph related to them. Synonymous expressions are the key to do so.

Listening Tips:

Daily, I watch English shows or movies. It helps me to be familiar with English, improving my listening as well as speaking. Don’t feel like you must watch English series. If you’re a K-drama fan, you can watch it with English subtitles. I didn’t even study new vocabulary from TV shows. I just let my brain learn English naturally. You can also listen to podcasts or TED talks.

For the IELTS listening, make good use of the time allocated for reading questions ahead. IELTS listening audio goes step by step. So, listen to signposting language which will help you not to get lost. Even if you miss the audio for a particular question, don’t leave it blank; choose or write down something. Be aware of synonyms and everything you hear is not the answer; it is sometimes tricky. So, don’t lose focus while listening to the audio.

Writing Tips:

I wrote at least an essay (either task 1 or task 2) every day. Before writing, I read two to three sample answers, taking notes of their ideas with impressive expressions. When you do so, it is important not to copy sample answers.

For IELTS writing, try to vary your sentence structures. It doesn’t mean your sentences should be too long. Besides, use adverbs as much as you can. Include all parts that are asked in the prompt. Make your introduction and conclusion clear and concise. Ensure your essay is in a flow. Avoid word repetition by using synonymous expressions. I learned how to write complex structures without repetitions by taking online classes organized by Blue Sky International. I did homework regularly and followed teachers’ suggestions and corrections.

Speaking Tips:

Try to speak in English with someone daily. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, you can practise by recording or taking a video of yourself. When I attended classes at Blue Sky International, I had a chance to practise speaking which I found incredibly useful. Besides, watching mock videos of IELTS speaking is a great help. I recommend a YouTube channel of “IELTS Daily.” You can also watch English shows where you will learn daily English.

For the IELTS speaking, you don’t have to show off the examiner with too many advanced vocabs. I didn’t use many fancy words or idioms in my test. Fluency is more important than lexical resources, I think. To be more fluent, think of the examiner as your friend. It is neither an interview nor a test. There is no right or wrong answer. It is just a conversation with your friend. When you think in this way, you will find yourself calm down and relaxed. Then, you will speak naturally and fluently. 

Don’t be stressed out on the test day. Otherwise, you will lose marks just because of stress.

Good luck with your test!

Shin Lin Latt

Our hearty congratulations to Shin on achieving her targeted scores!

And our big appreciation to you for choosing us to be part of your IELTS journey and taking the time to share the tips!

Warmest wishes,

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