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Those who are working in an international workplace or doing business-related studies at universities based in English-speaking countries need to have a sound grasp of Business English as it enables them to communicate more effectively and fluently. To fulfill that requirement, let us introduce Business English Courses designed by Cambridge University.

Cambridge Business English has three levels in total, namely B1 Business Preliminary, B2 Business Vantage and C1 Business Higher. All these qualifications are accepted worldwide. Some students do these courses so as to prepare themselves before taking certified examinations at the British Council while others intend just to improve their communication skills at their office or on their business courses.

The main purpose of Cambridge Business English courses are to familiarize the learners with everyday use of English in a business environment.

The B1 Business Preliminary course, which was formerly known as BEC Preliminary Course, is the first exam in three Cambridge English qualifications for business and on this course, one will mainly learn how to understand telephone conversations and take notes, respond to enquiries and write brief business letters and emails.

The second level, B2 Business Vantage or BEC Vantage is an upper-intermediate level of English, where we learn how to systematically write business reports and proposals alike, how to deliver presentations and actively participate in work-related discussions.

The primary focus of the highest level in Cambridge Business English Course known as C1 Business Higher or BEC Higher is on training the learners to be able to put forth their opinions in business meetings and argue their point of view plus write detailed business proposals or emails at an advanced and professional level.

So what standard of English do we need to start taking a Business English class?

The answer to this question is simple. As the first level in this Business English Course is set at a CEFR B2 level, we need at least an intermediate level of English to learn effectively and manage coursework with a minimum amount of stress.

The nature of Business English classes differs from that of General English ones, in which the majority of contents concentrate on the daily use of the language. As the name suggests, on a Business English course, we are trained and encouraged to practise how to correspond in a professional context using English Language.

We also get to familiarize ourselves with business terms and usages that are most common in an office environment. If one can read English, they may encounter no difficulty in understanding business letters, proposals, project portfolios and so forth.

Nevertheless, when it comes to reporting either verbally or in a written form or conducting meetings or expressing your view points when taking part in discussions, you might have to struggle a little without the knowledge of particular vocabulary and topics used throughout the business world.

At Blue Sky International, we make sure students do not pay attention to only getting the answers right as it is not considered the correct way of acquiring a language. Through different activities or tasks, learners are trained how to handle or manage a variety of business scenarios which are devised to resemble to the real situations at a workplace as much as possible.

They may include writing a Curriculum Vitae, cover letters and other types of formal correspondences, responding to enquiries, preparing project presentations, and so on. Learners can learn a great deal of business terms or jargons from reading, and the necessary language points used in communicating with business counterparts through listening.

All sorts of knowledge they collected from these two receptive skills will be put to practical use by the time they practise speaking and writing, the productive skills. Only when a learner knows how to apply what was learnt, he will be able to improve his language proficiency, and therefore, it is our priority to ensure students get to practise or apply their knowledge in the classroom. Only then, they will be well-prepared when they are engaged in a real business setting.

If you are looking to study overseas, specialize in such subjects as Finance, Marketing or Business Management and eventually find employment in your chosen field, a Business English course is well worth taking. Cambridge Business English Courses created based on a ton of thorough research regarding students’ needs and learning capacities contain tasks and lessons that reflect actual working environments. The combination of a systematic curriculum and intense practice followed by teachers’ feedback will certainly help enhance learners’ English communication skills at work.


The following are the details of our Business English online classes:

Cambridge English Qualification | B1 Business Preliminary

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Sunday)

Starting Date – 10th September 2022

Tuition Fees: 430,000 kyats for 10 weeks (20 hours in total)

Tuition Fees: 840,000 kyats for 20 weeks (40 hours in total)

Tuition Fees: 1,230,000 kyats for 30 weeks (60 hours in total)

Plus registration fees 50,000 kyats applies to new students.


Cambridge English Qualification | B2 Business Vantage

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Saturday)

Starting Date – 10th September 2022

Tuition Fees: 450,000 kyats for 10 weeks (20 hours in total)

Tuition Fees: 880,000 kyats for 20 weeks (40 hours in total)

Tuition Fees: 1,290,000 kyats for 30 weeks (60 hours in total)

Plus registration fees 50,000 kyats applies to new students.


Duration depends on the current English level of the student, the pace of his or her learning, and how far he or she wants to achieve in his or her English language proficiency (i.e. targeted scores).

A placement or English level test can be booked upon the registration (if needed).

If you want to book for your English language proficiency level test, you need to pay for the registration fees (50,000 kyats) first. You will get to book a time slot for the test, and receive the Zoom link for the interactive online test afterwards. 

**We only accept a limited number of students per Zoom class. Please make an inquiry before you transfer the payment for your enrollment.**


Our online classes and individual or private coaching sessions are organised by Teacher Wendy @ Hla Win May Oo, along with a group of well-trained and well-qualified teaching associates.

Lead Teacher: Ms Hla Win May Oo

The founder of Blue Sky International Learning Academy, Teacher Hla Win May Oo is in pursuit of her DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) through the University of Otago, New Zealand. Being a graduate of BEd, MPA, and MA in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, she is a well-trained and well-experienced ESL Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Success Coach & Mentor, and Business & Education Consultant. She has also worked as a Social Enterprise Consultant and “Education for Entrepreneurs” Trainer with the British Council, Myanmar, and a Lecturer for the MBA program at Temasek International College, and a Research Associate with the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is passionate about teaching, training, researching, consulting and coaching.

Online class – facilitation & Interaction on Zoom

Class size – Maximum 24

All writing homework graded by well-qualified teachers!

When you make the payment for the registration and fees, please mention your full name, age, occupation, educational background or qualifications, contact number, email address and the class you are enrolling for. Then the screen shot should be sent to or Blue Sky International Facebook Messenger. We will be sending you the Zoom link, and the coursebooks pdf (e-books). If you are coming to Blue Sky International to do the registration or make tuition fees’ payment or buy the coursebooks (hard copies), please call us an hour in advance. 

Mobile Banking for Registration and Tuition Fees’ Payment

Name – Hla Win May Oo

KBZ pay – 095043135

AYA – 20012647029

CB – 2010 6001 0000 0566

KBZ – 002 301 002 021 257 01

**Payment is to be made in cash. Or it’s requested 3% to be added when paying the fees through bank transfer.

Or cash can be deposited into the following KBZ (call deposit account).

KBZ (call deposit account) – 2355 1100 2021 25701

Name – Hla Win May Oo


If you need more information, you may each us at 09 504 3135 (or) 09 254 278 273 (or) 09 886 272 475.


Blue Sky International Learning Academy

232, Orchid Condo, Unit 82 & 198,

Ahlone Street, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar 11121

09 254 278 273

09 787 682 164

09 504 3135

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We have proven records of success in teaching Cambridge English courses for over 16 years.


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