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We would like to introduce you to one of our Outstanding BlueSkyians named Phoo Mya Chi who has achieved an IELTS overall score of 8.5 in the actual test taken on 22nd July 2023 on her first attempt.


The following are the tips shared by Phoo Phoo for the future candidates.

My name is Phoo Mya Chai and I am 16 years old. I attended one-on-one coaching for 10 days at Blue Sky International back in 2021 and now I have completed my Academic IELTS with an overall band score of 8.5 all thanks to the teachers at BSI. 

Since I am a student who is going to be studying abroad very soon, IELTS scores are a must for most international schools and universities. Similarly, I have also always loved and immensely enjoyed travelling, so mastering my English would allow me to better communicate with citizens all around the world. As I come from a non-English speaking country, I fancy impressing others with my native-sounding English. Continuously, I have learnt countless tips and tricks from BSI during my pre-IELTS preparations. Stated below are some main key points for the four exams that I think would be convenient before you take your IELTS. 


            Most candidates have a slight fear of not being able to catch up during this exam. But not to worry, the amount of time given to read and fill up the blanks is definitely enough. The speed of the speaker is relatively slow as well. Furthermore, since the speaker is not going to be reading out the exact same sentences on your exam paper, it would be best to be aware of the synonyms of some key words. This will surely help you out if you didn’t fully understand the entire sentence. Lastly, if you accidently end up missing a blank, try to fill it out according to the context of the sentence. Never leave any blanks behind. 


            Read the questions first. This is the very first step you should do in this exam. Similarly, underlining the key words has helped me so much as well. Synonyms of these key words will appear in the text and will surely guide you towards the correct answer in all the sections. The next tip is extremely important, in my opinion, because I personally struggled quite a bit for this section. For the YES/ NO/ NOT GIVEN section, forget all the past information you know about the topic given. Although the statement seems correct, if it is not clearly stated in the passage, just write down NOT GIVEN. Keep these tips in mind and you will surely ace this exam. 


            There are two sections in this exam. For section 1, one or two graphs or tables or diagrams are usually given. So, it is best that you point out the similarities first before building up into their differences. As I’ve mentioned above, synonyms are the most crucial part of the every IELTS exam. Especially in writing, reusing the same word over and over again wouldn’t be the wisest choice for an essay. Studying more advanced vocabulary is one of the ways of impressing an examiner. Additionally, using diverse sentence structures and transition words such as furthermore, continuously, however, etc. will also enable you to achieve a higher score. Also, I would suggest planning out the facts you would want to state with little bullet points rather than immediately writing the essay. Last but not least, try to write as neatly as possible and never blurt out everything in one paragraph. 


            This is also one of the exams that most candidates tend to be timid about. Since this exam may be set on a different date, you’ll have enough time to practice without worrying about the other three remaining tests. The main tip is to just speak clearly and at a relatively slow pace. You don’t need to worry about your accent either. Also, do not take long pauses or overthink about whether you’re right or wrong. The examiner is only looking for correct grammar, a variety of sentence structures and skilled vocabulary. There is no wrong answer. Lastly, for the final section, do not talk about your personal experiences since the questions only ask for your general opinion. There is no wrong answer, so just speak as naturally as you can. 

            The information above was based on my personal experience, but I hope you find it useful. To proceed forward, guidance from BSI teachers were incredibly advantageous. Not only were they so patient and welcoming, they also gave me various advice on how to ace the IELTS; some have been mentioned above. Most importantly, they mainly focus on the section that you lack in. For instance, I and most other students had to practice a lot for writing. Since it had no right or wrong answers, it was one of the trickiest exams to get marks on. However, even within 10 days, I had more than enough practice on all four parts along with a practice test that BSI arranged, which gives you an idea of how the real exam is going to be like. 

            As I took the classes during the summer, I had no problem keeping up with my school’s curriculum. Not only did I improve on my school essays, I was also less nervous for my school exam as well as my IGCSEs. BSI taught me how to carefully plan my essays beforehand, enabling me to be less anxious and panicky before stepping into the examination hall. In addition to my structurally-organized paragraphs, speaking to natives was a breeze and I was able to quickly understand reading comprehension as well. Due to these developments, I’ve become less tense about studying abroad alone. 

            Learning English is a must if you are planning to travel outside of your native country to either find a job, make new friends or attend a new school. With full determination and proper practice, I am sure that you will not only ace your exams but also live your life more confidently!



Our big congratulations to Phoo Phoo on achieving an IELTS overall score of 8.5! And our big thank-you to her on taking the time to share some helpful tips.

Phoo Phoo took a total of 10 individual coaching sessions with Teacher Wendy to get ready for her actual test. We are happy to be part of her learning journey, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Best wishes,

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