33 Life Lessons I have Learned in 33 Years 

Since my 33rd birthday earlier this month, I have been meaning to organize my thoughts to be able to articulate on some lessons learned over the past three decades of my life. As my birth-month January is just about to come to an end, the choice has become “Now” or “Never.”

1. Never wait for too long to start off something, or else you will lose the momentum. And worse than that, you might not get around to doing it. Now or Never!

2. The thoughts you think create the life you live. Happy thoughts, happy life!

3. Know your value. Be at the right place where your value is appreciated and, at best, increased.

4. It’s wonderful to love and be loved. But, remember that you, on your own, are enough, complete and whole.

5. When you keep looking for the miracles outside, you might miss the real miracle that is really close to you. It is YOU!

6. Nothing lasts! Don’t stress too much! Keep moving on, no matter what!

7. Manage your emotions well. Make sure it is you who takes the driver seat!

8. A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect.

9. Let books be the best companion of you. Read, read, read! You are what you read.

10. Don’t look for certainty in this uncertain world. Nothing or no one is guaranteed.

11. Every little thing counts. Those are the things that make a big difference.

12. Always trust your instinct gut unless you want to regret later for going against.

13. The universe paves ways for those who know exactly where they are heading for.

14. Grit is what it takes to get success in life. If you want it bad enough, you would get it.

15. Take a good rest before you get too tired. Take good care of yourself.

16. Just be yourself. Everyone of us is unique. Appreciate your uniqueness.

17. You owe it to yourself to keep yourself happy. It’s no one else’s obligation.

18. Everyone you encounter has something to teach you. Be open to such learning opportunities.

19. Step out of your comfort zone from time to time, even if not all the time.

20. Write down your goals (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) along with the action steps to be taken to achieve them. To break the record, you must have the record.

21. From time to time, it is fine to forget about your checklists and goals when you feel like slowing down a bit.

22. Never be afraid to fall in life or in love. Without the fall, how would you know where you stand?

23. Not taking a risk is a big risk.

24. Stand on your own feet as early in life as possible.

25. Trust your wings and fly to the places of your dream. Believing is achieving!

26. Always keep the promises you’ve made. You are the words you’ve said and the due actions you’ve taken.

27. Act despite fear. Fear will subside itself.

28. Cultivate the habit of saving up at an early age. Your future self will be thankful for it.

29. Don’t just “try,” put your “umph” and make it “triumph!” (“Umph” here means having full of energy and excitement.)

30. If you have a few true friends you can count on at times, you are so blessed. Make sure you be such one to them as well.

31. Always count your blessings. There is a multiplication effect by doing so. And, grateful people are joyful people.

32. Whatever goes around comes around. Keep the cycle positive.

33. Live well each and every single moment. After all, it is all you have.

Let’s keep on with our journey of learning, unlearning and relearning. Thank you for your part in my journey!


Best wishes,
Hla Win May Oo @ Wendy

29 January 2017




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