Individual or Private Coaching

✔️ We design English courses to meet your needs in sharpening your English language skills for General, Business or Academic Purposes.

✔️ We provide a wide range of courses, such as Cambridge English (CEFR A1 to C2), Business English, IELTS and Duolingo test preparation.

✔️ You get to choose the time slots that suit your schedule.

✔️ You are supported with a great deal of self-study material and get feedback on your work.

✔️ You get 100% attention to take actions for improving your weaknesses.

✔️ You get to improve your skills at your own pace, either fast or slow as you wish to go.

✔️ We accommodate your style of learning, and adjust our way of teaching accordingly.

✔️ We have proven records of success in coaching for the IELTS and other English exam preparations over 15 years.


Just to mention 11 Records of Success of our Outstanding BlueSkyians among so many.

  1. He took ten intensive individual coaching sessions and could hit more than the targets he had set for himself. He’s now pursuing his master in the UK, having won the Chevening Scholarship.


2. She took twenty private coaching sessions together with one of her friends and they could hit their targets set. 


3. She took ten intensive individual coaching sessions and  hit the targeted score in the IELTS, and thus she could grab the Chevening Scholarship  to pursue her Master’s Degree in the UK. 


4. She took twenty private coaching sessions and hit the targets set for each skill. Congratulations, dear Myint!


5. She took thirty individual coaching sessions and hit the targets of earning overall band score 7.5, with a minimum individual score being 7.0. So, she’s now pursuing her dreams in the UK. Congratulations and best wishes to you, dear Dr Khine Oo Mon.


6. She joined our 40-hour intensive IELTS course and could hit the score a lot higher than she had set for herself – achieving a perfect score of 9 in Listening, a score of 8.5 in Speaking, 8.0 in Reading and 6.0 in Writing! That’s an overall band score of 8.0! Big congratulations to you, dear Anchi!


7. She took ten individual coaching sessions (20 hours in total) and did 80 hours of homework and some self studies. Her hard work has paid off and she has achieved a score of 8.5 in both Listening and Speaking, a score of 8.0 in Reading and 6.5 and Writing. That’s an overall band score 8.0! Big congratulations to dear May Khine!


8. She took twenty individual coaching sessions (40 hours in total) and did a lot of homework and some self studies. She traveled from Myaung Mya to Yangon to attend IELTS individual coaching sessions every week. Now, her hard work has paid off and she has achieved a score of an overall band score 7.0, and won a scholarship to pursue her PhD at Seoul National University in Korea! Big congratulations to dear Aein Mon!


9. He joined our regular IELTS class (60 hours in total) and could hit an overall score of 7.5. Big congratulations, dear Sithu Tun Oo!


10. Having a tight schedule, Dr Ya Mone could manage to take only 4 individual coaching sessions. But, she once attended IELTS classes at B.S.I. Learning Academy for about a year when she was taking a gap year between high school and medical school.

She needed to achieve at least an IELTS overall score of 7.5 with an individual score being 7.0 in minimum for her further studies in England. She had achieved a perfect score of Band 9 in both listening and reading, a score of 7.5 in the speaking and 6.5 in the writing, in her first attempt. So, we came up with an individualized writing course for her to meet her needs, and now she has hit her target set! 🎯

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours, Dr Ya Mone! Again, big claps and cheers to all the best!


11. She joined our 30-hour intensive IELTS writing special course online and could hit the score a lot higher than she had set for herself — achieving a perfect score of 9 in Listening and Reading, a score of 7.5 in Writing and Speaking! That’s an overall band score of 8.5! Heartiest congratulations to you, dear ChawChaw!

Thank you to Chaw Chaw and her Mom for the appreciation!


12. Shin Lin Latt joined our online IELTS intensive preparation course and could hit the score her targeted score — achieving an individual score of 7 and above with an overall band score of 7.5! Hearty congratulations to you, dear Shin!

Our happiness lies in seeing our candidates hitting her targets set in life.


13. Kaung Htet Khaing @ Phillips enrolled for the five sessions of individual coaching and could achieve the IELTS score he needed to get accepted into a university in the UK! Hearty congratulations to you, Phillips on earning an overall score of 7.0.


14. Snow joined our online IELTS writing intensive preparation course, did a lot of self-study and studied hard to achieve her targeted score of 115 on her Duolingo test! She has also won some scholarship to pursue her EMBA in Canada. Our Heartiest congratulations to you, dear Snow!


14. Another candidate from one of our online IELTS classes that Snow has joined could manage to earn the score she needed to pursue her PhD in the UK, too. Our Heartiest congratulations to you, Ma! (P.S. Her name is omitted to help preserve anonymity as requested.) 


🔹 Outstanding BlueSkyians 
1. Chaw Chaw Shumawa Minn Naing (IELTS overall score 8.5 achiever)
2. May Khine Thant Zin (IELTS overall score 8.0 achiever)
3. Dr Ya Mone (IELTS overall score 8.0 achiever)
4. Anchi Leong (IELTS overall score 8.0 achiever)
5. Eaint Myat Chal @ Amanda (IELTS overall score 8.0 achiever)
6. Dr Win Minn Tun (IELTS overall score 7.5 achiever)
7. Sithu Tun Oo (IELTS overall score 7.5 achiever)
8. Kyal Sin Phu (IELTS overall score 7.5 achiever)
9. Min Thu Kyaw (IELTS overall score 7.5 achiever)
10. Win Pa Pa San (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
11. Dr Aein Mon (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
12. Thant Theingar Soe (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
13. Kyaw Gaung (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
14. Danny Aung (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
15. Dr Dalia Pwint (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
16. Myint Myint Khine (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
17. Myo Thida Swe (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
18. Yu Wai Hlaing (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
19. Thet Oo (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
20. Thet Htar (IELTS overall score 8.0 achiever)
21. Ngu (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
22. Shin Lin Latt (IELTS overall score 7.5 achiever)
23. Kaung Htet Khaing @ Phillips (IELTS overall score 7.0 achiever)
24. Ei Yupar Min (IELTS overall score 8.0 achiever)
25. Yadanar (IELTS overall score 8.0 achiever)

Updated on 29 Nov 2021.


Schedules of our IELTS classes in the link:

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Learn about our Outstanding BlueSkyians:

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Classes and private or individual coaching sessions (online/ at Blue Sky International) are run by Tr. Wendy @ Ms Hla Win May Oo along with kind, well-trained and well-qualified teaching associates.

Trainer/ Lecturer: Ms Hla Win May Oo

The founder of Blue Sky International Learning Academy, Ms Hla Win May Oo @  Tr. Wendy, is a doctoral candidate on the DBA program at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Being a graduate of BEd, MPA, and MA in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, she is a well-trained and well-experienced ESL Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Success Coach & Mentor, and Business & Education Consultant. She has also worked as a Social Enterprise Consultant and “Education for Entrepreneurs” Trainer with the British Council, Myanmar, and a Lecturer for the MBA program at Temasek International College, and a Research Associate with the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is passionate about teaching, training, researching, consulting and coaching.

Blue Sky International Learning Academy

232, Orchid Condominium, Level 19, Unit 198,

Ahlone Street, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar 11121

09 254 278 273

09 886 272 475

09 787 682 164

09 504 3135

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