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Our hearty Su Phyoe Nandar who have recently achieved an IELTS overall score of 8 on her first attempt. Su started learning with Blue Sky International in December 2015, and she attended our IELTS weekend classes for about 8 months. In 2022, she came back and joined our online IELTS intensive preparation online class for 10 weeks to get ready for her test taken in October 2022.

We are happy that she came back to us after 6 years for brushing up on her English language skills, and that she could hit a score of 8 which is way beyond her target set. “I still can’t believe it” are the words the teacher got from her along with her test result.

Hello everyone, firstly, I would like to thank BSI and teachers to give me this opportunity to introduce to everyone. My name is Su Phyoe Nandar who is proactive, self-motivated and passionate about exploring new challenges. To further introduce about myself, I pursued a bachelor degree specializing in English at Yangon University of Foreign Language from 2014 to 2018, and since then, I have been working in a financial industry in Myanmar.

If my memory serves me right, way back in December 2015, when I was a second year BA (English) student in Yangon University of Foreign Language, I got to know BSI through a family friend’s recommendation, where I have gotten in touch with the world of IELTS for the first time. I joined the IELTS preparation course at BSI on weekends for 8 months in total, not because I had a desire to take a real test at that time but because I wanted to improve my four skills, especially speaking and writing skills. When I first started joining the IELTS class, I had difficulty in achieving above an overall band score of 6.5. I tended to feel depressed in every practice session, especially speaking at that time, but I still remember the young me who was excited in getting feedback on my work from teacher Wendy. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow me to continue joining BSI classes after July 2016.

Here in 2022, after about 4 or 5 years of not getting exposed to IELTS, I squeezed my time to reconnect with my teacher and BSI, where I kept my fond memories of the IELTS in 2015. During my IELTS journey in 2022, since I also work full time, honestly speaking, I didn’t have the chance to practice four skills every day. The only exposure that I had was when I joined the IELTS intensive session on weekends. After the twenty sessions of IELTS intensive training for about two months, I took a leap of faith and I got an overall band score of 8 with a perfect score in Reading test miraculously, which exceeds my overall targeted band score of 6.5 with no less than 6 in each module.  

On a side note, for each module of IELTS, I would like to encourage all out there to follow the tips and tricks of the 4 skills of IELTS, and to urge everyone to practice hard as practice makes perfect, while learning the guidelines and trying to continuously assess yourself in the mock tests conducted by the experienced teachers.

Once again, thank you to BSI family for being a part of achieving a high band score in my IELTS journey in such a short time.

I wish BSI family full of success and more growth in the future.

We are grateful that she has taken some time to share about her and some tips. Cheers to all the best, Su! I hope the IELTS preparation experience and the success earned have proved you that you really CAN achieve anything you heart and mind have set to. Success breeds success. We wish her all the best in your future endeavors. The teacher will always remember your responsiveness in class, your sense of responsibility and consideration towards others.


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