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We would like to introduce you to one of Outstanding BlueSkyians named Hsu Myat Thiri who has achieved an IELTS overall score of 7.5 in the actual test taken on 11th November 2023. It was her first attempt of doing an IELTS test.


Hsu Myat has joined our Cambridge English | B2 | IELTS foundation class for about 15 weeks before she started joining our IELTS preparation and practice class where she studied for 20 weeks to get ready for her IELTS actual test.

The following are some IELTS tips she has shared for the future IELTS candidates.

Hi! I’m Hsu Myat. I took IELTS after taking 20 weeks intensive course at Blue Sky International. Thanks to all the help from the teachers here at BSI, I achieved my target score. I have taken some classes at BSI before preparing for IELTS.

To be honest, I didn’t really know how to write an essay until joining the class back then. The tips Teacher Wendy gave really guided me through my learning journey. So, when I chose classes for IELTS, I decided to join BSI again. Thanks for all your help and support teacher🙏🏻.

I am not very good with giving advice but I would love to share some tips from what I have learned. I hope it helps.

Listening Tips

It is important to get familiar with the question format. The key is to practice regularly. I took 4 or 5 practice tests a week. It is recommended to take practice test just as you are sitting for real exam, without pausing in between.

Reading Tips

Again, practice is necessary for reading as well. It’s important to read the question before reading the text so you know what to look for in the passage. My suggestion is to skim through the passage first to find related information to save you some time.

Writing Tips

It is wise to read as many model answers as you can so that you can gather ideas and good wordings. Time management is also crucial in writing. It is advisable to read the questions carefully and brainstorm the ideas before you start writing.

Speaking Tips

It is more important to sound natural than using difficult words in every sentence. Watching youtube videos and tv shows did help me with the fluency. It’s also helpful to have a practice partner you can talk with every day.


Our big thank-you to Hsu Myat on taking the time to share some helpful tips. We are happy to be part of her learning journey and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

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