Hearty Hello from the family of Blue Sky International Learning Academy!

We provide quality English language lessons to learners of age 6 to 60. Cambridge English assessment tests such as YLEs (Starters, Movers, Flyers), KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS and TKT preparation and teacher training programs are run all year long. There are also customized and personalized English language courses to meet the needs of particular learners. We have proven records of success in teaching English as a second or foreign language, and training for the Cambridge English exams over 16 years (since May 2016). Our Outstanding BlueSkyians have achieved up to an IELTS overall score of 8.5.

Our classes and individual coaching sessions are organised by Teacher Wendy @ Hla Win May Oo, along with a group of well-trained, patient, kind and well-qualified teaching associates.
The founder of Blue Sky International Learning Academy, Ms Hla Win May Oo @ Tr. Wendy, is in pursuit of her doctorate through the University of Otago in New Zealand. Being a graduate of BEd, MPA, and MA in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, she is a well-trained and well-experienced ESL Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Life Skills’ Coach & Mentor, and Business & Education Consultant. She has also worked as a Social Enterprise Consultant and “Education for Entrepreneurs” Trainer with the British Council, Myanmar, and a Lecturer for the MBA program at Temasek International College, and a Research Associate with the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is passionate about teaching, training, researching, consulting, coaching and mentoring.

Our Mission is to empower the communities through quality English language education and sowing the seed for life-long learning.

Our Vision is to inspire a passion for learning and motivation for living to the fullest.

Our Goal is to motivate and facilitate our learners to be able to empower themselves and others.

Our Motto is  “Learn deeply. Love truly. Live fully.

As the emblem depicts, the green suggests “live fully,” the red denotes “love truly,” and the blue entails “learn deeply” whereas the blue sky implies “Quality education should be accessible to everyone under this blue sky.”

The objectives of B.S.I. Learning Academy are:

  • To motivate and facilitate our learners to learn deeply, i.e. to be able to empower themselves and others through learning English which could serve as the key to success in life
  • To provide an encouraging and friendly environment where our learners feel understood, cared and loved, individually, which could serve as the foundation to learning to love truly.
  • To instill the importance of living life to the fullest, creating the best version of themselves.

The top eleven Core Values of B.S.I. are as follow:

  1. Loving-kindness – having kindness, understanding, tenderness and consideration towards each other
  2. Encouragement – the act of giving each other support and hope
  3. Motivation – having inspiration for learning and doing our best
  4. Self-reliance – having learners’ autonomy when it comes to learning
  5. Friendship – having mutual trust and closeness toward each other
  6. Empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of others
  7. Persistence – having commitment to do our best
  8. Self-confidence – having belief in our abilities and qualities
  9. Collaboration – learning and working together to empower each other
  10. Connection – Paying attention to foster deep connection
  11. Paying it Forward – Doing good deeds for others

At B.S.I Learning Academy, we make sure you get to learn in a friendly and encouraging environment. We are committed to teaching and coaching you to reach your maximum potential and stand out on your own. Your achievement is our commitment. Let’s learn deeply, love truly and live fully.

Blue Sky international Learning Academy

232, Orchid Condo, Unit 198 & 202,

Ahlone Street, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar 11121

09 254 278 273

09 787 682 164

09 886 272 475

09 504 3135



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